Every organisation procures products or services in order to grow and maintain their business.

Issuing RFPs, RFQs or RFIs and managing the responses to them can be time consuming and costly, due to the labour intensive nature of the process. This significantly impacts a business's ability to run a competitive tender and find the best value vendor that matches their requirements.

Furo is the ultimate procurement aid. It automates and streamlines the entire issuance and review of a RFP. It's simple and easy to use. It provides quick comparative analysis between vendor responses. It enables you to run a tender with a much larger selection of vendors. It increases competition and the likelihood that you will find the most suitable vendor.

For vendors responding to RFPs, RFQs and RFIs, can involve complex and difficult to understand documents making bidding a mammoth task. This can cause your company to lose out on a deal that might have been possible with a more seamless process.

Furo helps vendors by forcing adherence to a simple and easy to use format, giving you more time to focus on the meat of your response and not the administrative burden.

Simplifying the Process

Purchasing is a core competency of your business. For too long, you've had to rely on email, file servers or hard-to-use RFX sites to share and collaborate. But with Furo there's a better way.

Immediate Analysis

Once all the responses are in, the comparison is done for you. No need to work your way through dozens of proposals looking for the best deal. Furo automatically highlights the top vendors and shows you where vendors fell short and where they excelled.

Run in Real-Time

Real-time notifications can alert you every time someone uploads, edits, comments or downloads content so you can stay on top of what's happening with critical projects.

Narrow Selections

Create your own score cards and define your dealbreakers. Furo automatically sifts through vendor responses, eliminating those that don't match your minimum requirements, giving you more time to focus on those that do.

Sharing & Collaboration for Everyone

Furo makes it easy to collaborate anywhere and maintain the highest levels of control, privacy and protection. Involve the entire business by inviting all interested stakeholders to contribute or view the tender for an efficient collaborative approach. Avoid duplicating procurement by increasing visibility across departments.

Streamline Procurement Process

Purchasing is a core competency of your business. For too long, you've had to rely on email, file servers or hard-to-use RFX sites to share and collaborate. But with Furo there's a better way.

Better Value for Buyers

Standardising responses, enforcing vendor adherence to response templates and streamlined comparisons means you can increase the number of participating suppliers whilst reducing the administrative burden. More participants means a more competitive process, saving you money.

More Opportunities for Vendors

Furo gives vendors access to RFPs they might not have received otherwise, as well as making it faster and easier for vendors to respond to them. Increase your pipeline and your capacity to manage it.

Keep Everyone Current

Keeping the latest and greatest information at your team's fingertips is critical to massively successful projects, and Furo ensures your team is always working on the latest version of each document. Always have the latest information from vendors.

Accelerate the Feedback Loop

Commenting, discussions and scoring in Furo make it easy for teams to analyse bids and identify preferred vendors. This allows executives to better focus their efforts on items that really make a difference.

Keep your Business in Sync

Nowadays organisations are global businesses and have departments spread across different regions and divisions. Keeping track of what is being purchased can be difficult often leading to duplications and money wasted. Furo helps streamline internal procurement departments allowing better communication and efficiencies.

Share confidently with secure workplaces

Some projects require the highest levels of confidentiality to succeed - anything from a new acquisition to an R&D project. When the stakes are high it's important that only the right people have access to this information.

Control access and external collaborators

With Furo you can ensure only the right people have access to confidential content when they need it with multiple permission levels depending on what the user needs to do. You can also get a one-glance view of every user inside your organisation and whom they're collaborating with. See external users, find externally shared content and bring unauthorized users under management.

Audit, report and monitor

Security doesn't stop with our infrastructure and encryption. Furo provides detailed monitoring, searching and reporting allowing you to easily see who is storing information, know with whom they're sharing it and find content anywhere, fast.