Streamlining business through intelligent procurement

RFX Creation

Build your RFX using our templates or upload your own. Our response template builder makes your life easier.

RFX Issuance

Publish your RFX to vendors on our platform or invite your own. Our distribution list builder makes managing your network easy.

Bid Analysis

Our response template builder means comparing and analysing bids takes no time at all.

Document Management

No more broken or lost email chains. All of your current and historic RFXs in one place. See exactly where your organisation could stand to save the most.

Why choose Furo?

Purchasing is a core competency of your business. For too long, you've had to rely on email, file servers or hard-to-use RFX platforms to share and collaborate. But with Furo there's a better way.

Competitive Bids

Reduced admin overhead means you can invite more vendors, increase competition and drive down prices - saving you money.

Faster Elimination

Automatically eliminate responses that don't meet your minimum requirements, meaning more time to focus on those that do.

Streamlined Tenders

RFX creation, response templates and immediate comparisons; Furo makes the entire process seamless.

Automated Scoring and Analysis

No need to work your way through dozens of proposals looking for the best deal.


Improve your audit trail with detailed monitoring, searching and reporting. Increase visibility across the business.

Distribution List Management

Build and manage your own distribution lists. Keep track of live contacts.

Centralized Q&A

Less time wasted responding to the same questions over and over again.

Enforced Format Adherence

Standardising responses, reduces the administrative burden.