Streamlining business

through intelligent digital sourcing

User-friendly RFX Creation

Our response template builder makes your life easier.

Simple RFX Issuance

Publish your RFX to your vendors with the click of a button.

Quick Bid Analysis

Responses automatically filtered according to your minimum requirements. Get each stakeholder to score the responses.

Cost Analysis without the maths

See the best price instantaneously. Take it a step further and see the TCO for each bid.

Why choose Furo?

Pay As You Go

At Furo, we don't think you should have to sign up to licence just to issue a RFP. Maybe you only run a few a year. Pay per event and keep costs down. First 3 events are free!

Small Business, Big Sourcing

Just because you don't have a procurement department doesn't mean you shouldn't take sourcing seriously. Furo allows you to run events professionally without the need for a large team.

Get Going Instantly

No set-up. No training. Simply sign-up and get started right away!

Make It YOUR Furo

Customisation. If you don't like the way something works or want to add something extra, let us know. At Furo we like to form long-term partnerships are here to build the product that you need.